Upcoming Speakers

Monday October 03, 8PM

Speaker: Pat McD.
Sobriety Date: 05.17.1975

Homegroup: 8pm Thurs Mens Group Meeting at NABA


Monday October 10, 8PM

Speaker: Julie McK.
Sobriety Date: 02.25.1995

Homegroup: 9:30am Daily I Can't, We Can Study Group at NABA and 8pm Monday Blue Chip Speaker Meeting at NABA

The Monday 8 pm Blue Chip Speakers Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is held every Monday from 8:00-9:00 pm in the big upstairs room at the NABA Club (Northside Alcoholics Benevolent Association), 1809 Briarwood Road Atlanta, GA 30329.

Our meeting features speakers who share their experience, strength and hope as it relates to their alcoholism and their recovery in A.A. This is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Please join us as early as 7:30 pm as we set up the room with sobriety-themed music by various local and international artists, coffee, snacks and fellowship.