Speaker Schedule

Our upcoming speakers. If you have a suggestion for a Speaker with one year or more of sobriety, please bring that AA member to a future meeting and ask for Tim M and Tim R to discuss the possibilities of being a Monday 8pm Blue Chip Speaker at the NABA Club.

Oct 16Will L., 06.06.2011 of the Northside Young Peoples Group

Oct 23 Bill T., 10.19.1987 Sunday Night Unity Group in Ogden, UT

Oct 30 Hilary M., 03.12.2015 of the Skyland Group in Brookhaven

Nov 06 Mike R., 08.21.1997 of the 5:45pm Daily How It Works Group at NABA

Nov 13 Jennifer T., 04.23.2005 of the Skyland Group at Oglethorpe Prebyterian in Brookhaven

Nov 20 David K., 10.13.2013 of the 9:30am Mon thru Sat I Can't, We Can Group at NABA

Nov 27 Avery S., 01.30.1982 of the Cascade Group and the AA Central Office in Atlanta

Dec 04 Scott C., 10.09.2004 of the 8pm Friday Sobriety First Group at Biscayne

Dec 11 Female., OPEN

Dec 18 Russ McC., 09.16.2008 of the Freedom Group at the HALT Club in Gainesville

Dec 25 Jennifer W., 10.31.2014 of the High Noon Group in Virginia Highlands

Jan 01Bobby L., 05.14.2004 of the For The Fun Of It Group at the Sernity House in Buford

Jan 08 Female., OPEN

Jan 15 Male., OPEN

Jan 22 Female., OPEN

Jan 29 Male., OPEN